Iron Ore

Egyptian Iron Ore

Egypt is a beginner producer of iron ore, with high deposits located in the Eastern and Western Deserts. The country’s iron ore is exported to a variety of destinations around the world, including among others China, India, South Korea, South Africa, Singapore, UAE, and Turkey.


The Egyptian iron ore is typically raw material for the constructions industry and steelmaking industry.


Egypt is a reliable supplier of iron ore, and the country’s exports have been growing in recent years. This makes Egyptian iron ore a good option for constructions and cement industry, and a reliable source of this raw material.

A Reliable Source for Cement Production & Steelmaking

Product: Cementer Iron Ore

Fe2O3.: +70%
Fe.: 52-54%
Sio2.: 11% Max
P.: 1.4 Max
Lumpy Size.: 0 – 150 mm


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