Silica Sand

Silica Sand

Experience the Highest Quality Egyptian Silica Sand


Are you looking for a reliable supplier of premium Egyptian silica sand for your industrial and construction needs? Look no further! Our company is your trusted partner for exporting the finest quality silica sand directly from Egypt.


Our sand is mined from the pristine desert sands of Egypt, and it is guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations.


Our sand is pure silica, making it ideal for a variety of applications, including:

  • High-temperature refractory materials
  • Special refractory industries
  • Investment casting
  • Filler for epoxy molded resins
  • Glassmaking
  • Electronics
  • Medical devices

The attached reports show that the silica sand sample is of high quality and meets the specifications for a variety of applications. The sample is pure silica, with a uniform particle size distribution.


High Grade Silica Sand
Sio2.: +99.5%

  1. A: 0.012-0.015%
  2. B: 0.015-0.020%
  3. C: 0.020-0.030%

All particle sizes are available.


It has a low moisture content. These properties make the silica sand suitable for a variety of applications, including high-temperature refractory materials, special refractory industries, investment casting, filler for epoxy molded resins, glassmaking, electronics, and medical devices.

  • Egyptian premium product
  • Analysis reports
  • Providing additional samples for analysis
  • Logistics Services
  • Delivery to your door
  • Flexible payment terms
  • High purity
  • Ideal for a variety of applications
  • Complete range of services
  • Satisfied customers
  • Trusted & reliable resources

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